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Dec 12, 2012 4:30am PST
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Dec 25, 2012 4:00am PST
different scholarships. and the key is, this isn't just for those with high gpas, this isn't just for amazing athletes. so i personally applied for three dozen scholarships. i won two dozen of them and the accumulated $90,000 in scholarship money. it got me into harvard and paid for almost everything. and i've seen thousands of other families do it too. the key is, you have to be proactive, and actually right now is the major scholarship season. the fall of each year is a great time to search for scholarships. > > but aren't there all these find-a-scholarship websites and services out there? they're all over the internet. > > there are, and actually people kind of use them incorrectly. there are these internet scholarship databases. what you do is you fill out a questionnaire. it's kind of like, if you've ever been on a dating site, where you fill out the questionnaire and they try to match you with a date. this time they try to match you with a scholarship. there are about 12 to 14 pretty good free ones. but the mistake people make is they search one and then they stop. none of t
Dec 3, 2012 2:30pm PST
. after laughing. i am not sure why that is. it was interesting. when it was a really nice experience. tavis: what you have against charmers? >> i actually love charming people. i am fascinated by them, because i think it is a skill that i do not have. i do not really know. i feel very awkward making conversation with people. i and the people who can stroll into a room and have anecdotes, and get the punch line in the right place, which i can never do. and make people feel at ease, and make people like them. that is a nice kill to have. i wrote this song about a friend of mine, who was charming in a nice way. as i started to think about the idea of charm and a charming people i have known, i realize that sometimes there is a darker side to that. maybe that side is people who used charm to run the plate you -- to manipulate you. sometimes, it is a cover-up for people who are really dependent on the approval of others. there is a kind of sadness underneath. i started thinking about this, and it became very fascinating to me. tavis: would you call this a concept project? i only ask this
Dec 1, 2012 6:30pm EST
on content of communications. they said it should not matter how old the content is. it should matter how you started with a service provider or that one. they said there should be a warrant required. they maintain the existing exceptions to the requirement in current law. if there is this, they are able to get a voluntary disclosure from the provider right away. >> what are your views on the changes made by the senate to judiciary committee? >> i think they did an excellent job. they have spent two years looking at this question. they have had multiple hearings. they have had many meetings with private advocates. they settle down on this one revision to the electronic communications privacy act. that law has been around since 1986. that is eons and internet years. in 1986 is 27 years old and has not had a significant privacy of grade since then. >> also joining us is konrad motyka, an fbi agent in the current president of the fbi agents' association. what is your view in the fbi association's view of the changes made to the 1986 law? >> as they made their way out of committee, and there is a
Dec 3, 2012 9:00pm PST
that er you see out here. a typical scenario is, a car pulls down the street drives, down the street very slow, which is an indication that they're looking for something to buy. someone will approach the car. that person, typically, will not have the drugs on them, but they will take the money, and then direct the car, to another er, person maybe a short distance away. another way is that you'll see a large number of people, er standing on a particular corner, or in an area. the numbers will slowly begin to increase, as you might see two or three at first. and when the numbers get up to probably somewhere between ten and twenty, then the person selling the drugs will, what we would say, open shop. so they'd go down an alley, somewhere out of sight, and everyone will follow. they will line up. and within a matter of seconds, a minute, they will sell drugs to about twenty people. just like that. just that quick. and they'll repeat it over and over again. and it's much more efficient and less chance of them getting caught, by the police. baltimore is - has had a very, er large drug problem f
FOX News
Dec 25, 2012 6:00pm PST
bears because i like teddy bears. >> hi. >> can we replace doocy y.? is it too late? i guess it is. caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of the factor, the great american news quiz spectacular. in the next hour, you will get to test your knowledge and play along with us so let's begin. first topic, legendary actor john wayne. >> all right. here is question number one. movie fans all over the world idolize john wayne for no nonsense attitude ♪ >> get out of the way kerry. >> i haven't got a gun on me. >> no? then we will do it the hard way. ♪ ♪ many don't know that john wayne is a stage name. what is the hollywood's meend's less macho bitter name -- birth name? answer is a, correct, marianne. >> marianne -- marion the librarian. >>as duke imposing character usually on the winning end of the fights. >> i have been looking forward to this forwa a long time. >> don't let me disappoint you >> all right. i think he won that fight. it lasted three and a half hours. did john w
Dec 9, 2012 7:30pm EST
that teach us about the current cliff negotiations. >> well, it is groundhog day. the question is, who is playing bill murray? it is such a repetition. it is the same players. the same seats at the table. the same doctrines. where this goes, i think anyone who thinks they know is wrong. as you know, the talk about the fiscal cliff. some people say it is a slope. some people say it is a bungee jump. some people say it is a skateboard trek. it is going to go down and then up and and so forth. the bottom line, i think it is no way to govern. it is a giant mistake to have all of this in a pool of ambiguity. as i understand it, now, you would know more, it truly is a stalemate. they are not talking. >> you point out, it is the same players. i think you will agree the players that matter most are the president, speaker finger. what we know about their personal -- speaker john boehner. what we know about their personal relationship right now? >> it started out last year when they were working on the debt ceiling. it was called the merlo and the correct meeting. in other words, john boehner wo
Dec 11, 2012 1:30am PST
. the question is, is this tomorrow related to his aberrant behavior that he has started -- tumor related to his average behavior that he has started to have? he has recovered from all the different memory and other types of problems. he aces a eighth course and then he has returned, and his wife takes him back and. he has just been arrested again. this is what you are dealing with as a public defender. do you order and other -- another mri? guess what? the tumor is back. is it relevant to his sentencing? or to his mitigation? we will talk about that. you have a child, 16, he has an above-average iq. he has done very well in high school. he is involved in sporting activities and other types of social activities. one night, he is out with some friends. there is a fight. he hits another teenager in the head. he ends up in a serious coma with a head injury. justin is charged with attempted murder and use of a weapon. here is his mug shot. [laughter] the prosecution says they want to seek a sentence of a life without the possibility of parole. isn't there something about this? maybe the supreme cour
Dec 26, 2012 5:00pm PST
at the radar picture. the white. heavy rain. but here is where the snow is. it has lifted out. clearing conditions there. but, right along i 90 that is where the heaviest snow is. that rain is going to lift up. washington improving conditions. heavy rain and gusty winds. that is part of the problem with this storm. we are seeing the snow but the winds are so strong. in the last three hours 40 mile per hour wind gusts in new york city. so again, the snow cheering out of illinois and indiana but look at what it has left behind. kentucky over four inches and here is what is left of it. up state and new york getting nearly five to nine inches or so. nine to 12 in northern new york and the green and white mount n mountains of new hampshire. >> and of course all anybody wants to know is when can we expect to see the weather improve? >> it is. we are going to watch this move. here is the area of low pressure we are watching. still on the money. here is where that low pressure is overwashington where it is rain but it is boeing to going to the north. much of pennsylvania is clear by 6:00 am. t
FOX Business
Dec 4, 2012 11:00pm EST
phase. neil please. >> now, y hav to beepulled by that. >> i am pleased by their decision it ishat it is. neil: no, i think we have discussed this elections and i know we set againstaising taxes but,f that is the consequence of election for a presidt w campaigned hikin on the back of the rich, i don't like it but, to fold. >> this is a hypocrisy level, thee say this is the right thing too, but who gets crushed on the higher taxes? small businesses. i don't care what anyone said, presidentaid that 97% o small businesses do not get hit by this, that is if youount the guy int mows your lawn all by himself, and consultants, but those who are hiring -- >> i don blame the presint at all,o ram it down the people's throat. >> we need though -- -- >> myear is that wall stree acquiesce it kws we'll have far reaching problem. >>of course, like money managers all of a sudden, they e the king, they are self preservation is sad. neil: what are they afraid of? >> they want to keep their money, they want to be the mack daddy. we neehe cut and flash s.w.a.t. team,,cutting across the board. >> that is an
Dec 6, 2012 5:30pm EST
the ...growing... pnd selling the drug still a crime...//.coloradoo... áalso á...legalized the recreettinall use... oo marijuaaaa.. lass month... / but... that amendment ...won't take effectt.. until colorado's gooernor ...signs it. the suspect in the shooting at st. joseph... medical center... has been charged with attempted murder... murder... karen parks... live... at police headquarters.../ and ... says the officer... involved was grazed by a bulllt.... 30 year old briin dargan remaans in custody today....he is being held on a twenty five thousand dollar bail....//take vo// 3 33& investigators say dargan was taken to st joseph's medicaalcenter for treatment gurrey railing.... during the h- examination the hospital employee noticed a needll in phe suspects garments.....when she aatempted to take the needle the suspect grabbed hee arm....that's when tte officer pnd the suspect beean struggliing....the suspect tried to grab thh officers weapon...the gun jaameddthen -. "we'vv discoverrd....... before gong into the wall." 3 a...
Dec 18, 2012 8:00pm PST
are moving, whether it is a matter of costs for going where the trained work force is. we're fortunate to have to governors here to talk about how that change affects their jobs and what they're doing to jump- start their economies which compete with one another. this could be fun. let me start with our guest. governor hickenlooper. i knew that was going to happen. most of us here are pretty much aware of california's budget crisis. can you give us a quick briefing on where colorado is and what you are trying to do to turn things around? >> our budget is just as dressed as almost every state in the country. we have been working trying to control costs, get our pension funds in line, our state employees have not had a raise in four years. it has been difficult all the way around. the real challenge has been to try and turn public sentiment and get people to recognize it without a strong economy. it will not solve any of these problems. we have been relentless in what we did, the bottom up process and we asked them what they wanted to have as their economic future. and try to -- we had 1
Dec 27, 2012 5:30pm PST
is. here is where the bay bridge is. the county went all the way down here, and about a year later, they moved the county to write about here, so this was county land or outside land, and this was the city. this was 1861, so the city has grown by this much. these were added, and they are basically pasture lands. that is where petrero street is. >> and out here, the rancho -- what is a rancho? >> it is a mexican land grant that we agreed to respect when we still california from the mexicans. we agreed to respect the land grants that existed, and there was a commission set up. regretfully, none of the land grants were legally bested, so most of them were taken away from the mexicans. the other portion were pureblo lands, which would be considered entitled to four square leaks -- leagues. so 30 square miles with the possession of the pueblo of san francisco for public use, and that is how we got golden gate. when they acquired it as publicly, part of the treaty said you had to all mexican law, which set a certain amount of outside plants must be used for schools, playgrounds, open spa
Dec 22, 2012 6:30pm EST
. it seem like a great way into the store of figuring out not only were the internet is, but also trying to come to terms with what is still physical about our virtual world. it turned out that one thing that is physical are the very large printing presses and large printing presses that rent ma pt maps of the internet. i followed a mapmaker there to see this map of the internet come off of the press. >> is there a center of the universe when it comes to the internet? >> there is. there is not just one center, but a dozen buildings around the world that are by far -- they are the places where nmore the works of the internet and it more than anywhere else. new york, london, tokyo. there are interesting outliers. places like ashford, virginia and another not far from dulles airport. you asked the engineers where the v that is, they would take new york, los angeles, and ashford. theyere the cetnernter is, would say new york, los angeles, hford.wn for -- asked for i you might say the loading dock of a shopping mall are very generic. deliberately so. they try to hide inside when you tried id.
FOX Business
Nov 30, 2012 7:00pm EST
'm not going to do both for you. lou: here is a thought. that is, the obama white house has made a rare mistake, miscalculation. they have incentivized republicans to say, you know, the heck with it. if you're not going to come to the table, we are not going to advance it. you have chosen and we have reached an agreement as to parties for sequestration. we will go along with the tax cuts. that's your decision. sequestration was part -- we are partners on that deal. let her rip. they're going to get twice as much in the way of spending cuts as an increase in taxes that way it's the best deal, and it's also oriented toward the republicans favored. >> the damage it will do to the economy. i don't think the president has a bigger role as he thinks he is. the house will be held by republicans for the foreseeable future, not just two years. midterm elections, six years, sterile for the president. the end of the day he wants a legacy. it's going to be the highest unemployment in history for two terms it is not careful. he will take us back into recession. if he wants serious negotiations that will sit
Dec 30, 2012 3:30pm PST
squirm for another 24 hours. oh, my god, that is, like, so true. hey, are you trying to trick me? get real, morgan. you lost. i know it. your soon-to-be-ex-client knows it. everybody pretty much knows it but you, so, like, chill. go swap some bodily fluids with maya and enjoy life. bye. the photos of wei lee's killer were worthless. no one recognizes his face. we're starting to wonder if there's a reason for that. i don't know what you're talking about. maybe someone paid you to doctor the photo-- a little darkroom magic to protect the killer? look, i'll show you the negatives if you want to see them. i didn't do anything to those photographs. i want that guy caught as much as you do. you know, the one thing i like about the western culture is the philosophy of an eye for an eye. if i had a choice, i'd kill wei lee's killer, and everything would be back in balance, but now...some other member of the born to kill will have to do. no, no, no, no, look, if you do that, you know they'll come back at you. this no longer concerns you, mr. sanderson. if you want to live a long and happy life
Dec 4, 2012 1:30am PST
of these kids we work with, they have no understanding of what a father is, a mother is, a kid. those need to be defined. that is what is missing in our society. when we incarcerate somebody, we have to do something for them. i was incarcerated for 28 years. when they come out, they are worse than when they were in prison. the thing we need to do, be in touch with the individuals we work with. during the time they are going to sentencing. we need to provide something while they are incarcerated. you just wait for the time to go by. there is no criteria. what you need to do, but you need your high-school diploma. when your time is up, you go. ewing got to do anything. there is nothing you have to do. -- you ain't got to do anything. there is nothing you have to do. they get involved with other gang members and they get worse. the thing we have to do, and if we want it to work, i believe everybody is redeemable. i really believe that. [applause] it's not so, i would not be here. you know? i know i am making an impact on society. i know that. the thing we have to, as the community, -- come as
Dec 28, 2012 8:00am EST
to some future stranger. and ridiculous questions. it is the brooding, that is what is. -- liberating, that is what it is. >> maybe you have not met the right guy. >> by the sweat of our briars, and the strike that are back -- strengthen our backs, and the courage of our hearts, gentlemen, hoist the colors. tavis: you whispered to me during that clip reel, so many period pieces. is that a surprise to you? >> i think it always is -- seeing them together. i mean, you'd think that i would know, would not you? tavis: you did the work, yeah. >> i was there, yeah. tavis: yeah, you were there, yeah. >> i am like, wow, yeah, there is a lot. tavis: is that a good thing, though? i like that. >> it is great, i like that. i like that, yeah. no, it is great. it is just i think it always, because i read scripts and i do not go, "oh, that's a historical piece." i go, "ooh, that's an interesting story," or "that's an interesting character." then you suddenly see them and you think, that's a lot of dresses. wow. tavis: yeah. and a lot of hair. >> a lot of hair. a lot of hair. tavis: we'll get back to
Dec 31, 2012 12:00am PST
's all there is. >> two of the last remaining siberian tigers. >> in the zoo world we do quite well with them. in india, the bengal tiger, seen them take down a water buffalo in less than ten seconds, it's like a bomb going off, like a grenade going off inside something. they are the only cats in the world that can eat up to 30, 40 pounds in one sitting. their stomachs can explode and kill the animal. they'll eat putrefied meat. most cats like lions won't eat that. they'll bury the carcass -- >> what do you feed them with? >> special diet. you heard the growling. >> i did hear that growling. >> you hear that in the wild, your pants won't be dry. >> my pants aren't dry at the moment. i can tell you that. they are small, but look quite big. >> being here means a lot, the millions of people you reach, you're seeing one of the rarest creatures in the world. you can see the power we're talking about and the beauty of the animal. tragedy to see this animal go into extinction. for example, there's several tiger species that have gone into extinction. that's not what we want to have happen
FOX Business
Dec 2, 2012 6:00pm EST
as to talk about and it is? >> predent obama i met personally. and i told him that he lied, enter, lies, they are all liars. neil: you told him that the presence face? >> well, he told me to relax. when i told him -- neil: he told you last? >> yes, he said let me tell him my concerns. and i said president obama, you are not doing what you're supposed to be doing. he said scott, fema works for me and i can help you with insurance and without your -- with your mortgage, they took down my information and they wrote down my name two days later we heard from the mouth and right after we talked to the guy, they did give his rentals systems the ascends the same day i spoke to the president, $3000 from i believe it was under a lot of pressure. my wife handles that. and they are telling you every two months must be cocerned. come look at my house, that's what i told him. i have no sewage and water and i have no heat and electricity. the ones left all this time, you still basically have nothing? it's been more than a month? >> yes, sir. neil: well, you are bringing a voice and face-to-face. as vi
Dec 6, 2012 8:00am PST
into krypton and barium. these are about halfway down the periodic table from where the uranium is. and the neat thing was, is there were also an ejection in the average of about three more neutrons. now, if you can slow these neutrons down-- they're going kinda fast-- if you can slow those down so they going slow enough to cause another reaction, then you have a chain reaction. and you know what you do? you throw these neutrons into other atoms. hey, let me ask you a physics question. if you wanna throw a ball into some other balls, such that the ball will slow down, would you throw the ball into an environment of heavy balls or light balls? heavy balls. and you want the thing to slow down. let me ask you this. if i take a ball and i throw it against a brick wall-- [makes sounds] --when it bounces off, will it bounce off a lot slower or about the same? about the same. about the same. if i take a golf ball and i throw it against a bowling ball, is that bowling ball gonna slow the golf ball down? no, it's not. so what you do is you take the golf ball and you throw into an arena of p
Dec 28, 2012 10:00pm EST
and ... is... &pnow... being investigated... p as... a... possible hate crime. crime.this... is... what... kenny shaw... &p looks like...//. his... ace.... badly beaten...//.shaw ... ann... his faaily... believe... he - was targetee.../ bbcauss he's ggy. 3 3:10:55 this was outragous what type of person woold do phen people are upppsed to be celebrrting people are out there committing rimes :09 :09 3&p shaw ays her son was walking home fromma cornnr &pstore whhn a roup of... 5 or 3 several leads. 3 a... &p baltimore county man....missing sincc deceebee 7th... is found..../ but... how he disappeaaed ... is... a mmstery....// 57 year old... steven pearson... left his mmet someone pegarding a contractinn job...//. for... four days... no ooe kkeww...where he was....// then ... decemmerr - 22st... he was found insiie a home... on... mcculloh st
Dec 22, 2012 7:00pm PST
like this from happening. >> why? why not? >> why's that? because what -- what's going to happen is, people like these shooters in aurora, colorado, and virginia tech, here in connecticut, these were mentally disturbed people. mentally unstable people, who slipped through the cracks. whose family, whose mental health care professionals, didn't take the steps to have them, or petition the court to have them adjudicated so they couldn't possess and have a firearm and it's not a question of the assault weapon itself or the a.r. rifle. the virginia tech shooter had a semiautomatic pistol. we've got to try to identify these people before they commit these acts. >> so clearly, it is something that there are many things that need to be addressed. i'm not understanding why people make mental health and gun control binary issues. they're not binary issues. if someone sane or not sane did not have action to these weapons, we wouldn't have these shootings. we don't have the numbers for people who are mentally ill or unstable, no different in this countries or other countries, yet, with our gun
Dec 21, 2012 11:00pm PST
or i'll put both your heads in orbit! left it is, sir! to the right! yes, sir, skeletor! - left! - right! oh, no! it's the colector! and it's chasing me! what's happening? the sky-spy suddenly took of by itself! look! skeletor's going after the sky-spy! then he-man's going after skeletor! by the power of grayskull! i have the power! i've got a feeling my brother may need some help. get it! scoop it up! you're trying to grab more than you can handle! yeah... i've almost got it! you've almost got it!? i almost got it! oh, no! you know what? these claws need a manicure. fools! what is it? what happened? ma... ma... master! it's... it's... he-man! quiet! he'll hear us! there we are! claws to paws! use the force belt! don't let him get away with it! - yes, master! - no. master! a force belt, huh? uh, oh! there are too many of these things! looks like you need a hand, brother! sis! just in time! as usual! let's get a little fresh air in here! ready? one... two... three! how can i get this thing down? or should i try a spell? why not! sky-spy, sky-spy, skipidy-skate, get me down to som
Dec 21, 2012 4:00am PST
to kill it? > > no, it doesn't look like it. the trend over the last few days is, we have seen the market up, but we have seen it really kind of accelerate toward the end of the day. so, as news has not come out negatively, people are buying into the market. but what is interesting is, we have seen the vix, or volatility index, the protection of the market, also rise over the last three or four days, and rise fairly significantly. what that tells me is, the people that are still in the market, that have not sold their long positions due to capital gains tax or dividends tax or anything like that, they want and should protect themselves. that is why we have seen the vix rise over the last few days, in addition to the market. > scott, what do you think about this deal of the icy buying of the new york stock exchange? what does it mean to traders? > > probably not much to traders. they are going to have more access to the electronic world. everything is still going to be based out of new york. obviously behind-the- scenes though, what we are going to see is probably, unfortunately, some staf
Dec 1, 2012 2:00pm PST
the sound system, is there a compressor on that thing? >> a limiter? >> yeah. >> yes, there is. >> there should be a limiter on there. >> so, you understand what a limiter is? so, if voj goes out and touches your sound, says it has to be a certain level, you have to adjust it to that, that will help monitor your control, the second thing is your music scheduling, who's doing that? >> to start, it will be third party outside promoter. >> so, who's screening -- >> it will have to be -- we haven't gotten that far to look at it, it would have to be the list of approved -- >> we have a promoter's list. okay, would you have you as the applicant have the final say? >> yes, i would, yeah. >> this is what happens in the past, you know, you kind of trust people. >> are you going to trust me? >> i trust you, but sometimes i don't trust the outside sometimes. >> right. >> i just want to say that the blue m cc aw has been overall a problem venue for us and i understand that you have a project manager by profession and as a project manager, you should know all projects have unforeseen things
Dec 31, 2012 8:00am PST
about what the electrical looks like, where the plumbing is, what is happening to something that has not been permitted. it could be just fine. owners will tell you that i had my uncle joe do with and he is a plumber and electrician, but we did not want to spend the time and money to do the permit process. that is fine, but it is hard to convince a buyer. it will have an affect on the value, no question. if they want to go to the process, great. i have had sellers require them to go through for a second bath for something that was not permit it. everything was done properly. a contractor owned the house and got it permitted. it was not a big deal. everything was done properly. he could do it. they should find out what the process will take. it they are doing new work, definitely. people are looking at everything. they scrutinized things. if that completion is not on their, their concern. >> report of residential record, it's basically summarizes what is in the building department records about work that has been done, and required documents that are disclosed from a seller to a buyer
Dec 6, 2012 8:00am EST
as to how your life becomes and is. i think what happens in this world, somehow, we get caught upped where things that do not really matter start to matter, and it starts to get confusing as to what you hold true for yourself, so for me, i think a lot of that comes from being raised by my mother. she is no nonsense. she is incredible. she always kept me in mind. and i think part of that has been really good for me. i have a strong rounded cents, just from the beginning. i think another big part is where i grew up. i grew up in a pretty tough neighborhood. i grew up around alcohol, drugs, prostitution. i grew up around everything. never very far away from it in all of its forms. that was a big help to me. and i think being connected to a higher power, spirituality has been very good for me, and i pray all of the time. also, just last night i was saying the most important thing is to be proud of the work that you put into something. i think it is the ego in us that screws us up. so i think about that a lot. i really do not want to get caught up in things that do not mean anything. so many th
Dec 7, 2012 12:35am PST
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Dec 7, 2012 2:00am EST
to go up on the middle class. do you agree? is. >> i don't, actually. and the reason being is that right now, if you look at the real math, in 2007 and 012, we have the same amount of revenue. now, 2008 and 2009, we had a dramatic drop in federal revenues, but we've slowly climbed back up. revenue has gone up every year of the obama administration and now, we're at historic highs. the same as we were five years ago. the difference is, our spending has increased a trillion dollars. >> yeah, but a lot of that spending is things to help the economy. it's the payroll tax cut extension, which your party supported. it's extending unemployment benefits. it's things like that. t the war. >> that's going to be the challenge of the whole perspective. we've got two philosophies. one says we're spending too much. the other saying we're not spending enough. that's hurting our economy. obviously, the last four years have been more focused on the spending. we continue to pile up more and more debt, we've crossed 100% of debt to gdp. >> but you're line of thinking, the tax side, so we end up spending mo
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Dec 28, 2012 8:00pm EST
. he did not define what that is. maybe it to 50 might be 40500. extend unemployment benefits and the spending cuts will get to those letters. >> here is what is so ironic, the same democrats in 2001 and three railed against the bush tax cuts. now see some salvation in them because they are what is propping up the economy right now. beyond the ironic part of this, look, not only do you have that tax policy expiring and the sequestration pending on january 2nd, but we have also got a lot of taxes kicking in january 1st which will pack a mighty big wallop. this is the perfect trifecta of bad things happening to the economy all at once. no one is talking about postponing the obamacare piece of this. quite frankly, if you wanted to cut over 1 trillion in spending of the next ten years right now, there's a place to go. tom: you laid it out as to rest can be. we have ourselves, like you said, trifecta of fiscal everything coming together at the same time. a very busy couple of months in washington, and we are watching. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. tom: you bet.
Dec 29, 2012 12:00am PST
earned their paycheck -- >> there it is. i agree with everything that you said, but in the end, everybody should see it, because it's passionately about the way we ignore poverty, and the way we look down on poor people below us. and kept saying, look down, pay attention to those below you on the food chain, who have it much tougher than you. don't play the cop here. and what a great man -- what a man. what a man. >> it's a great story. >> and all those cockney french revolutionaries, you know, are people that we can believe in. >> you are so tough. >> i am. >> you are so tough. where's the romance? i go to the movies for the cathartic romance. anyway, thank you. i want to see all the movies. i want to see the roosevelt movie, the hitchcock movie, the goodman, with anthony hopkin. there's so much to see this year. don't do this to me. that's "hardball" for now with david edelstein, thanks for having you on. happy new year. "the ed show" with ed schultz starts right now. >>> good evening, americans, welcome to "the ed show." i'm michael eric dyson in for ed schulte. the president of the un
Dec 26, 2012 2:05am EST
. i think it sounds like bart simpson. >> b. it is? >> yes! [ ding ] >> somebody's drinking a lot of eggnog. here it is. what movie is this quote from? okay. this is extremely important. will you please tell santa that instead of presents this year i just want my family back? is it from "home alone," "christmas vacation," or "how the grinch stole christmas"? >> "home alone." >> i'll say. [ ding ] >> you see? all right. here we go. number 4. >> next time i'd like a chance to get -- >> moving along. who said" santa, o my god, santa's here, i know him, i know him"? is it a, frosty the snowman? b, buddy in elf? c, rudolph the -- >> i'm going to say b, buddy in "elf." >> i remember that. >> yeah! >> who coined -- who coined the holiday festivus? would it be cosmo cramer, george costanza or frank costanza? . >> it's a trick question. it's one of the costanzas. i'll say george, you say frank. >> c, frank. [ ding ] >> which one is it? >> yay. >> this is your heritage. it's part of who you are. >> if you cannot strike up a conversation at the dinner table, then you've got more problems tha
Dec 27, 2012 10:00pm PST
. that is, that people who were associated with jesus were terrified. i mean, before the easter proclamation, there must have been some kind of easter panic, you see, that folks were hiding out, as they should have, because now they were the accomplices of... of an executed criminal. >> the followers of jesus, who don't go away as they're supposed to when pilate does this, have to deal with that fundamental question of what does this mean that the one that we had all of these expectations about has been crucified? how do we deal with this, not merely the end of this life, but the shameful end of this life? >> the only place they can go, eventually, is into the hebrew scriptures, into their tradition, and find out, "is it possible that the elect one, the messiah, the righteous one, the holy one"-- any title they use of jesus-- "is it possible that such a one could be oppressed, persecuted, and executed?" they go into the hebrew scriptures, and, of course, what they find is that it's almost like a job description of being god's righteous one, to be persecuted and even executed. >> and the amaz
Dec 12, 2012 5:00pm EST
to be able to tell if it was good or bad. i think there's a risk here, though, which is, the felt's been trying to do all these things to clarify what it's trying to do, and they run the risk of confusing people even more. this is a complicated decision. they said they won't be raising interest rates before unemployment gets below 6.5%, but that's not what their strategy is on the bond buying programs and if inflation goes above 2.5%, that should short circuit all of this and, of course, the real inflation objective is 2%, so, it's a very complicated set of policies they came out with today. you have to wonder if they really are clarifying things. >> we had a conversation this morning that perhaps more 0 passty from the fed might be better for the markets. it sounds like that's almost what you're saying. >> ah -- i lost you there for a second, melissa, you cut out where you said opacity might be better. that's what some people might say. the fed's opacity is one of the things that got us into a financial bubble in the first place, so, maybe that wasn't the best place to be, either. >> he
Dec 9, 2012 5:35pm EST
of the previous question is, in some respects this is quite healthy. you are going to have these debates and divisions within the arab world or the muslim world, and people are not going to except dictatorships like they had in the past -- accept dictatorships like they had in the past. >> there are these multiple sensors of power that did not exist under mubarak. they're competing. this is an early stage of the game. as rob cited the last presidential election results, there is this desire for -- the task here in washington, it will be difficult to convince the u.s. government to change the way it has done business over the last 30 years -- some of that is necessary. the task is, how do you play the right role of engaging here? it is not naively giving money to liberal groups and not having a strategy. i believe this is a significant task inside egypt. it is an encouraging sign -- this is my prediction, it is going to force islamist political parties, at least elements of it to change their ideology. if the system remains open, if there is a big debate, i did not see it going backwards
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